Smoking is harmful to your health. Everyone knows that long-term smoking is not only harmful to your health, even second-hand smoke and even third-hand smoke can harm others. But for smokers, even if the cigarettes contain blazing fires, they can still smoke them correctly. Because of this, many people say that they will try various methods to filter tar, such as hookahs. So, can the hookah play this role? Let us see hookahs filters.

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First of all, we must know the compatibility of the composition of the tobacco tar and the tobacco tar water.

Cigarette tar refers to a layer of brown greasy accumulated in the cigarette holder used by smokers, commonly known as smoke oil. It is the product of incomplete combustion of organic matter under oxygen-deficient conditions. It is an extremely complex mixture of many hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon oxides, sulfides and nitrides, including benzopyrene, cadmium, arsenic, beta naphtha, amines, nitrosamines and radioisotopes, etc., a variety of carcinogens and phenol The characteristics of cancer-promoting substances such as serotonin, fumaric acid, etc., although its amount is very small, it has a regular, repeated, and long-term accumulation effect.

The main component of tobacco tar is nicotine, which can quickly dissolve in water and alcohol.

In conclusion, the hookah can filter part of the tar, but part of it will still be adsorbed by the lung mucosa of the human body during the smoking process, which affects human health. So even if you use water.

Can the cigarette holder filter tar?

Because the cigarette tar contained in a cigarette, according to the national standard (GB) about 15-25 mg (referring to cigarettes with “medium” tar content). Among the harmful substances in cigarettes, “nicotine” is well-known. Many people don’t know tar, but they know nicotine (also called nicotine). How should we smokers smoke? The content of nicotine in cigarettes is very low, only a few tenths of a milligram. Strictly speaking, nicotine is one of the drugs. If the nicotine content in cigarettes is not a few tenths of a milligram, but tens of milligrams, then cigarettes have long been included in the category of “drugs”. Nicotine intake up to a certain amount can cause death. But it happens to be just a few tenths of a milligram. These tiny amounts of nicotine can make people’s central nervous system excitement, rapid heartbeat, concentration, and active thinking. Some problems that you can’t think about usually, lighting a cigarette, often inspires inspiration This is the truth.

So it is useful to have a hookahs filter holder.

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