When many people see the hookah, they will be attracted by its unique shape and novel smoking method, especially when it is smoking, it will make a gurgling sound and feel curious, In the last issue, I also mentioned the use of hookahs. So how is the filtering effect of hookahs? Now I will explain the principle of water pipe filtering for everyone.

How is the filtering effect of the hookah?

Arabic hookah originated in India and is mainly popular in Arab countries. Now there are similar hookahs in Turkey, Iran, and Central Asia. It is part of Arab countries and Arab culture and life traditions, so in order to have a better understanding of the principle of water pipe filtering, let’s take a look at how the water pipe filtering effect is.

Hookah filtration is to filter the tobacco through water to purify the smoke. After the smoke is filtered by the water, firstly, the smoke is soft and not choking. It is also good for many people who are endangered by second-hand smoke. The filtering effect of hookahs is mainly reflected in that it can filter out the main component nicotine in cigarettes, and they can also reduce the content of tar that people smoke. The filtering effect of hookahs can be seen from the above content.

Principles of Hookah Filtration

We have a good understanding of the filtering effect of water pipes. Now let’s make a simple analysis on the principle of filtering water pipes.

The siphon principle is mainly used when the hookah smokes water pipe, that is, the principle of the communicating device. The pressure on the liquid in the airtight container is equal everywhere. The siphon is filled with water, without it, the water level at the end is high, and the water outlet is closed with the palm of the hand or other objects. At this time, the pressure in the tube is equal everywhere. After everything is set up, open the water outlet. Although the atmospheric pressures on both sides are equal, the water level at the end of the water is high and the pressure is strong, pushing the incoming water to continuously flow out of the water outlet.

Can the hookah really achieve complete filtration?

It is necessary to know the compatibility of the composition of cigarette tar and cigarette tar water. Tobacco tar refers to a layer of brown greasy accumulated in the cigarette holder used by smokers. It is the product of incomplete combustion of organic matter under hypoxic conditions. It is an extremely complex mixture of many hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon oxides, sulfides and nitrides.

Nicotine, the main ingredient in cigarette tar, can quickly dissolve in water and alcohol. The hookah can only filter part of the tar, and the rest will still be adsorbed by the lung mucosa of the human body during the smoking process.

Nicotine is an unpleasant, bitter, colorless and transparent oily liquid. Tar is a complex mixture of highly aromatic hydrocarbons. The hookah can still filter nicotine, but if you use the hookah incorrectly, Its filtering effect will also be poor.

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