The Arabs developed hookah to the extreme. For the Arabs, smoking hookah is definitely a pleasant enjoyment. Many people have their own hookahs in different places, and those who are less troublesome and careful carry silver cigarette holders with them. Smoking hookah has become an excellent way for today’s fashion crowd to pass the time. You can smoke the hookah while playing chess, reading a book, chatting, watching TV or doing other things. The mysterious temperament of One Thousand and One Nights will surely make you the focus of your friends. It can be used as a high-end gift for customers, relatives and friends, leaders, wives to husbands, and children to parents.


The harm of smoking to the human body is well known, but it is very difficult for smokers to quit smoking. After being ignited, the waterpipe can remove most of the harmful substances such as nicotine after being ignited. It has the effect of sterilization and disinfection, and it does not smell bad. There are apples, strawberries, cantaloupes, lemons, mint, bananas, peaches, lychees, etc. More than 20 flavors. The production of hookah is a traditional secret recipe based on tobacco leaves, musk, and borneol. It has many functions such as promoting qi and activating the collaterals, invigorating the resuscitation and refreshing the brain, invigorating the spleen and soothing the nerves, promoting the lungs and resolving phlegm, reducing inflammation and relieving pain, and clearing away heat and detoxification. Changing the blocking method of completely quitting smoking into a gentle dredging method is a new method in the current field of smoking cessation: it allows smokers to get the same enjoyment as smoking, but there is only one toxin

A few percent of the smoke, gradually away from the poison of nicotine. Because of the strong scent of hookah,
The extremely low nicotine content also attracts many female smokers, and is considered an elegant and charming fashion product.

Before smoking hookah, let’s first understand the four instructions about hookah:

Instruction 1:

Fill the water bottle with water first, then submerge the filter copper pipe, and the water level should not be too high;

Instruction 2:

Put a small filter copper tube on the end of the pipe and insert the water bottle to tighten (seal);

Instruction 3:

Remove the rubber ring from the barrel of the gun and put it on the dish, then put the rubber ring back, and put the ceramic cigarette holder on the rubber ring. Coffee flavor, cherry flavor, etc. );

Instruction 4:

Cut a small piece of tin foil to wrap the entire seat where the smoke material is placed and pinch tightly (keep it sealed), pierce some small holes on the tin foil, and burn the charcoal (remember that it must be burned completely red, that is, completely burned. ) Put it on the hole, insert the rubber ring end of the pipe into the socket on the side of the gun barrel (keep it sealed, if not sealed, you can stuff some tin foil), take a mouthful, you can hear the sound of “grumbling” water, accompanied by a light mouth The light smoke, standing or sitting or lying down, leisurely wandering… Chatting with friends and savoring healthy casual fashion, the smoke is full of fragrance, and my wife can no longer smell the unpleasant smell with heavy tar content. The whole room exudes a faint aroma… Wow! I enjoyed it so much… At present, the nightclubs, saunas, foot baths, and OK private rooms in Shanghai and Guangzhou have begun to place shisha. Hookah is very popular among customers for its sanitation, gentleness, environmental protection and elegance. Because it can drive customers and increase high income, it is also appreciated by the service industry.

Hookah lovers, small series summed up in three hookahs using to practical skills:

Practical skill 1:

Don’t put the smoke material too full, just reach the eaves of the pot; before putting it, twist and break the smoke material by hand, so that the smoke material is put together loosely in the smoke pot;

Practical skill 2:

When burning carbon, the carbon needs to be burned completely before the carbon can be placed on the tied tin foil. If there is some broken carbon, the burning time of the smoke material can be prolonged. At the same time, after assembling, the smoke pan can be surrounded by tin foil to prevent wind. This will prolong the burning time of carbon.

Practical skill 3:

In the game of hookah, there are a lot of things that can be extended, such as the fruit-flavored tobacco material on the top, and the water bottle below can be filled with milk, cola, whiskey, etc. to replace the previous water. That way, it will be “fruits”. +Different taste of liquid” taste, we call this “cocktail method”.

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