Arabian water originated in India now, and is currently more popular in some Arab countries. This is also one of the important contents of Arab culture and life tradition. Its raw materials are mainly made of fruits, so the content of nicotine and tar is relatively comparative. Low, of course, it is still a composition of cigarettes, so long-term smoking of shisha will still cause adverse effects on health, easily induce oral cancer, and easily lead to other tumors.

International Online Report: Walking in the streets and alleys of Arab countries, people can see people sitting in groups and smoking hookahs everywhere. As everyone knows, along with the smoky green smoke and the strong flavor of spices, some soluble chemicals such as ethanol, gasoline and other soluble chemicals have already entered the smoker’s body through the combustion of the honey mixture. It is no exaggeration. Said that hookah has become a more dangerous killer than cigarettes.

According to a test result of various Arabian waterpipe tobacco materials published by the Jordan News Agency on the 2nd, these artificial waterpipe tobacco materials contain fluorine ether and other substances, which are converted into carcinogenic acryloyl during the combustion process. This leads to the occurrence of oral cancer and lung cancer, and the content of this substance is 400 times higher than the carcinogen contained in cigarettes. According to anotherSurvey data released by the World Health Organization show that there are as many as 4 million deaths due to smoking worldwide each year, and more than half of them die from waterpipe smoking.

Dr. Yusuf Naamate, director of the Thoracic Disease Department of Jordan Bashir Hospital, said that through the investigation of patients with thoracic diseases, it is certain that waterpipe smoking is closely related to diseases such as lung diseases and bronchitis. Waterpipe smoking not only affects the respiratory system, but also damages the liver, lips, mouth, throat, blood vessels, digestive tract and the human immune system. In addition, because people generally take turns to smoke waterpipes, it is easy to cause infectious diseases.

However, in the face of the various hazards of waterpipe smoking, the number of waterpipe smokers has increased unabated, especially the sharp increase in the number of young people and women is worrying. In this regard, Dr. Nasser, a professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Jordan, analyzed that this is an escape from reality. When some men or elderly people in Arab countries encounter problems in their lives and cannot solve them, they use water pipes to solve them. Those ignorant young people become “captives” of hookah because they regard it as a sign of maturity.

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