As for the area, at least it must be leveled to cover the bottom of the pan (ceramic shisha bowl);

Regarding the amount, different people have different opinions. Generally, it is a box of 50 grams of hookah cream, put about one-fifth to one-fourth, this depends on the size of your smoking pot/ceramic shisha bowl, and this is related to how much smoke you need to spit and how much fragrance it has. Also, how long do you have to smoke? The hookah set distributor reminds you that too much smoke is not enough, too little is not enough-the mini-pipe, a finger is enough, but it will be finished quickly.  It tastes out of taste

However, it should be noted that the hookah paste must not block the air intake holes of the smoke pot/ceramic shisha bowl, otherwise it will be difficult to smoke. Test it to know if it is blocked, make the smoke pot, put the hookah paste, and insert it on the hookah. After inhaling it, it is very tired and it is not ventilated. This is not good; at this time, you need to pick it loose with a toothpick. Let it ventilate, so that you don’t get tired from smoking. The hookah set distributor reminds you that you can also shake it and shake the cigarette butt to solve this problem ha.

It should also be noted that it is best to keep a certain distance between the tin foil and the hookah paste, usually 0.5 cm, it seems difficult to measure, haha, anyway, it is necessary to keep a certain distance, otherwise sometimes the charcoal heat is too strong, and it will be smoked. It’s a little choking, it smells of burning, and it feels like throat is getting ashes.

By the end of the article, everyone knows “How much shisha cream to put in the shisha bowl and package the ceramic shisha bowl?”

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