The main material of most hookah bowls is clay: untreated clay or fired clay. The materials used include silica gel, which is difficult to overheat, so for inexperienced smokers, a silicone bowl is an excellent choice. In addition, you can also find rock, glass, and metal hookah bowls. There will be some other articles about hookah bowls to further explain in the future.

Clay hookah bowls:

Unburned clay. Clay itself has a porous structure, so it can absorb and retain heat well. One of its shortcomings is that in the first smoking, the unburned clay will absorb the tobacco paste and the smoking will not be so thorough. The opposite is also true for unburned clay hookah bowls, that is, after long-term use, such bowls may leak smoke sauce.

The burning of the clay will increase the absorption resistance of the tobacco sauce in the hookah bowl. In addition to simple firing, hookah bowls can also be ground into powder and glazed. These processes limit the porous structure of the clay and cover it with a thin film. Glaze can reflect heat well. Compared with an unglazed bowl, more heat will accumulate inside the bowl, and the glaze layer will not make the smoke sauce soak into the bowl, so smoking will be more thorough.

Silicone bowls:

The use of the silicone bowl is very simple: the silicone hardly heats, so all the heat will come from the hookah, and it is difficult to burn the tobacco. However, the material quality and composition of this kind of bowl have big problems. After long-term use, the inside may be burnt out (the bowl will become stiff and start to crack).

What are hookah bowls made of Types of clay hookah bowls and silicone bowl

What are hookah bowls made of Types of clay hookah bowls and silicone bowl

Types of hookah bowls:

The classic hookah bowl originated in Turkey, and its characteristic is that the processing process is not fine. This bowl can be filled with any type, provides even heat, and can be used for any tobacco. Classic clay bowls are usually thick-walled, without any coating, and have a few holes at the bottom. The classic bowl with round bottom is suitable for all tobacco and any filling method, and the thick wall can ensure the even heating of the clay.

1. Upgrade smoke bowl

Upgrade smoke bowl, or upg, is a ceramic white smoke bowl made in St. Petersburg. The inside of the bowl is similar to a classic bowl, but due to the materials used, it takes a long time to heat up. The heat is evenly distributed, and the tobacco will not stick to the bowl wall.

2. Phunnel smoke bowl:

In the past, the smoking bowl was a bowl with a hole in the center without a well. In order to prevent the tobacco from falling, a small stone or tin foil ball was placed in the hole. Now, we have a modern Phunnel bowl, with its orifice higher than the bottom of the bowl, and the tobacco will not fall into the hookah after the syrup is poured into the pipe. Therefore, the Phunnel bowl is very suitable for smoking liquid tobacco. The holes in the Phunnel bowl make smoking easier: the air does not need to pass through a large amount of tobacco. Some manufacturers make holes in the cigarette bowl so that air can pass through even when the tin foil or cigarette tray touches the hole.

When inhaled, the smoke will pass through the center hole, so that although the heating is even, the upper layer of the smoke sauce will absorb more heat than the lower layer (especially if the Phunnel bowl is deeper), so the concentration is lower than that of the classic version. The smoking bowls are glazed and unglazed: the glazed panel does not absorb syrup and can be preheated quickly. The glaze conducts heat well, so the temperature of the bowl will be higher than that of the uncoated bowl-but you need to control the heat to avoid burning the tobacco. The panels come in different sizes, depths and shapes, and the main difference lies in the amount of tobacco. There are several basic styles of panels: Pico, Alien, Phunnel, Harmony.

About “Alien”: The amount of smoke in the glazed tobacco bowl is less than the classic version. The tobacco (depending on the cover and size of the bowl) can absorb more heat, and the preheating is better, and the concentration will be slightly higher.

The bottom and walls of the “Evil” bowl are flat and thick to ensure that the tobacco is evenly heated, so that all the stuffed tobacco is completely heated, and the nicotine is uniformly precipitated-therefore, the “Evil” concentration is higher, usually used to suck heat-resistant tobacco.

3. Fruit bowl:

In physics, the fruit bowl hookah is the same as the silicone bowl hookah: it is heated only from above. When stuffing the fruit, keep in mind that under the action of heat, the fruit itself will be baked and agglomerated, making it harder to stuff. When choosing fruits, it is best to choose juicy fruits.

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